club description

In this club, we learn, choreograph, and perform kpop dances! (That also includes "non-kpop" choreography made by Korean choreographers and dancers; e.g. 1MILLION Dance Studio, Bada Lee, JustJerk, etc. and songs by Korean artists.)

who can join?

Anyone! You don't need dance experience or be a fan of K-Pop. We're all here to dance, make friends, and have fun! Come with an open mind :)

when do we meet?

Tuesdays at 11:20 in the Dance Studio (rm 111)! Meetings may differ, so stay updated via our Instagram or newsletter.


This section is updated frequently whenever there are events or opportunities! Be sure to check whenever we mention anything on our other platforms (IG, Discord, Email) to stay updated!

in school

TUES, NOV 14: our first RPD of the school year!!
we'll be hosting a random play dance during lunch in the dance room. bring your friends and come participate! if you want a specific song to play, put it here and we'll do our best:

out of school

None at the moment!